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For more than 18 years experience in doing our business, we are proud to say that we provide a unique range and conventional services which include, Custom Clearance, Transportation, International Forwarding, Quality & Quantity Inspection and Transit shipments to all G.C.C. countries.


AL-ROUILI has a very organized custom-clearing department; it is working efficiently for more than 18 years. It is formed of 6 office operation employees and more than 15 airport and seaport staff who are working in a well developed system as one team and have gained a lot of experience in performing there job. They can help and advise you for the best solution of all your import, export, and transit customs clearance matters. Our service charge is very competitive and considered one of the least charging comparing to our competitor.


Our import department is working in a very efficient way, by using our fully computerized information system. It can easily handle the customs clearance of all your imported goods by sea, air, and land. We can also help in following your documents at Ministry of Information, Ministry of Agriculture and the Laboratory (Ministry of Commerce), and provide you with the best solution to all your problems.


Our operation and seaport staff have gained a great experience in handling all your imported goods that is coming by vessels to King Abdull-Aziz Seaport in Dammam city; they can work even over night to clear your shipments at the right time to avoid any demurrage and extra delay charges.

At King Fahad International Airport in Dammam city, our staff is always ready to clear and handle any kind of air shipments and make it as fast as possible to be very competent and satisfy your needs at a very competitive rates.

At all of the Saudi boarders (Salwa (Qatar), Batha (UAE), Kafji (Kuwait), Al Hadithah and Halet-Amer (Jordan), King Fahad Cosway (Bahrain) our agents in complying with our staff are ready to clear any coming shipment by land.


Our great experience in customs procedure in the Saudi Arabia help us to satisfy all your exportation needs through sea, air and land to all over the world. And we are proud to say that through the past years we build strong and good relationships with our international agents that may help in following your exported goods all around the world. And this made us very capable to provide door-to-door shipments at a reasonable cost.


Through King Abdull-Aziz Seaport in Dammam city we can handle, clear and prepare any required documentation for the exportation procedures to all over the world.

At King Fahad International Airport, we are ready to clear, complete and prepare all your required documents for all exported goods by air.

We can in complying with our local agents all around Saudi Arabia follow and complete your recommended documents for exportation by land to all Arab and G.C.C. countries. 


We offer locally and internationally transportation services in complying with our local and international agents by land with reliably and cost effectively rates. We deal with both small and large consignments to fulfill and satisfy all our customer needs. And we can offer a professional packing service to make sure that your goods will arrive safely. Also, we can complete your insurance requirements to minimize your risk. . So, we are proud to say that we offer a complete personalized service dedicated to provide our customers with a total transport solution for the reliable transportation of their goods.

We can transport any kind of shipment from and to all areas and cities of Saudi Arabia using our own trailers and trucks.

Through the past years we gain a lot of experience in transporting any kind of goods and shipments to all G.C.C. countries and some of the Arab countries. Also, we have gained a very good relationship with agents all around these countries and we are working as partners to make sure that your goods reached its last destination safely.

We provide transportation to all G.C.C. countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Oman) and we can transport and handle any kind of small and big consignments at very reasonable and competitive costs.

We are specialized in transporting any kind of goods to the following Arab countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan). Moreover, through the past years we gain experience in rules and regulation of those countries. So, we can provide you with the best advise about the requirements that you should follow in order to complete your transportation requirements.

We provide transport services for small and big shipments including LCL and FCL to all G.C.C. countries at reasonable and competitive prices with no delay.


We offer regular import/export freight services to or from almost any country by air and sea at cost effective prices with maximum speed no delay philosophy. Moreover, our experts can provide you with the right way to forward your shipment from the receipt of the goods till the last destination.

Particularly for those urgent consignments, our network of airfreight experts ensures that your freight is dispatched with the utmost speed to its final destination.

Through Dammam seaport, our worldwide network of freight management experts ensures cost efficient freight services to all your shipments and consignments.


Quality and quantity inspection is one of our special services that provide our customer with details about there shipments. Our expert staff can provide full and detailed reports about the shipment, quantity, quality, date, seals and all other requirements you may ask for and make sure that your goods are going to reach you the way you want them.


In Dammam city and the nearest cities (Jubail, Ras Tanura, Safwa, Abqaiq, and many others) our inspection experts can inspect and provide you with the needed details, information, help in sealing the shipments and make sure it is according to what you want them.